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BGI Health is a subsidiary unit of BGI, one of the largest genomics research organizations in the world. The aim of BGI health is to apply our high genetic research capacity and network into solving current health issues worldwide. BGI health works according to the 4 Ps: Predication, Prevention, Participatory and Personalized healthcare. Current research focus is mainly on the detection of birth defects and various genetic disorders. These disorders include various chromosome diseases, monogenic disorder, hereditary hearing loss, thalassemia, neonatal hereditary metabolic diseases, leukemia, cervical cancer and hepatitis.
BGI was founded on September 9th, 1999, with headquarters in Shenzhen, China but has now branches all over China, The Americas, Europe and The Asia Pacific region. Since 2001, BGI has successfully completed a large number of ground breaking research projects such as sequencing 1% of the human genome for the International Human Genome Project (HUGO); contributing 10% to the International Human HapMap Project; contributing with research in the faght against SARS and the previous E. coli outbreak in Germany. Most recently BGI sequenced the human Gut metagenome. Learn more about BGI on and BGI Health on